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Rick's Rap   - December 2002

Practice 7 ...

      Modified recording procedure. Hooked tape deck up to PA so we could get some quality feedback and adjust our performance mix on the 1st two tunes. Then we tried to keep our levels constant via personal discipline (what a concept) for the rest of the rehearsal. Major improvement in the recording quality.

      Another heated discussion over the direction of the band. I suggested that Eric and Doc might wish to keep on booking lounge jobs with their other band and concentrate on dead chops when Rock Creek gets together. Lukewarm reception. Upshot was we continued working on lounge material.

Practice 8 ...

      Worked on still more lounge material. Made only half-assed attempt at quality recording.

      Bob told us he would be out of town for the next Sunday, but he would probably be back the following Sunday. Eric suggested we get together then, and take advantage of a chance for one last rehearsal before our first job. I said that in my opinion, we were already good enough to play lounge material at legions, and I wasn't going to spend any more rehearsal time on things that didn't move us closer to becoming a working, improvisational music, bar band. And, oh by the way, that included both working on material that we knew we weren't going to be playing, and practing without a regular bass player.

      We all came to sort of a strained concensus that it might not be a bad thing to take a break, and we agreed not to see each other again until the 1st gig on the 4th of January.

      We wished one another Happy Holidays

Post Practice 8 ...

      Eric gave me a call and said he'd like a one on one meeting, and we made arraignments to have lunch the Friday after Christmas. At this time we agreed to:

New Year's Eve ...

      This was my last job with my previous band, and I'd hoped to go out on a much better note (pun not intended, but probably appropriate). I had a cold with symptoms that were just peaking (I know, I know, always some excuse), and my hearing was muffled, my balance was off, my timing sucked, my voice started out as a croak, and at the beginning of Johnny B. Goode just disappeared entirely.

      Fortunately for me, the rest of the band covered as needed, and we severed our current professional association on good terms (at least, I certainly hope we did).

      Stay tuned,


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