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Rick's Rap   - April 2003


      Tomorrow, I swear, tomorrow, I'll update the rap, Jack.


      Yeah, yeah, I know, it's not tomorrow, it's the day after tomorrow. I guessing that if I was inherently organized by nature, I wouldn't even be trying to be a part time musician, I'd be doing something I'm actually good at.

      For weeks now Barb has been pretty much monopolizing our pc putting together a demo package. Early on it became apparent that the pc was integral to trying to put together this band. In addition to all sorts of non band related stuff, we use it for:

      It got to be really apparent that another pc would be a good thing to have, and as luck would have it Dell ran a sale that seemed to be just the ticket, and we bought one (as a matter of fact that's what I writing this on right now). It was relatively painless getting the machines networked, and everything seemed to be going swimmingly until a couple of days ago, when the new machine started occassionly switching to a blue screen of goobly gook that there was no way out of except power cycling. God, I just love technology.   ...sigh...   When we figure out what this bug is, and get it taken care of, our plan is to get back to working on the multi-track recording setup.

      O.k., enough background, back to the important stuff. We Have A Bass Player Again! His name is Lucas, he fits really well with what we do, and he should be ready for the May 10th gig at the Outta The Way Cafe. Life is good.

      Out final Lounge Lizards job is tomorrow night at the College Park Legion. Doc won't be able to make it, as he currently recovering from surgery on his foot. Eric has lined up a fill-in drummer. Should be fun.


      I guess the College Park Legion gig went o.k. on Friday. I felt like we were really stiff, and the material all sounded alike to me, but the crowd seemed to be having a good time. Hopefully we did well enough so that we didn't kill Eric's chances of booking the place for his other band.

      Bob brought his new amp, and it sounded great (it's also incredibly light, an important parameter for baby boomers).

      Eric supplies (and runs) the P.A., and I supply the monitor speakers, a couple of Bose 802's. I have 4 of them, 2 that I've had since the original Rock Creek Band, and 2 others that are almost as old. One of the four has developed a buzz, so I picked two that were still working well, but last Friday one of those was buzzing pretty badly. I no longer have enough equipment at home to check them out, so I'll make arraingments with Eric to bring all 4 over to his place, and we'll see if we can find 2 that still work. If not, Eric tells me that Bose will replace the defective units for $460/pair. I don't know if I would do that or just buy regular floor monitors. A pair of roughly equivalent Carvin monitors would cost slightly less than replacing a pair of 802's, they would weigh a little less, and they would be simpler to use since they don't require the special Bose eq. On the other hand, they would be strictly monitors, whereas the Bose are set up to function either as mains or monitors. Decisions, decisions ...

      I think I've cleared up the Blue Screen of Death. When I got the new pc, it came loaded with a bunch of software I didn't want, so I went to the control panel add/remove programs, and removed them. However, I got tired of responding to the questions about whether or not to keep individual files that seemed to be no longer in use, and I just hit the "delete all" button. After that is when I started getting the occasional BS of D. I noticed that it seemed to occur more often when I was using the CD drive (for either reading or recording). I reinstalled the CD drivers, and I haven't seen the blue screen since. If it doesn't come back in the next couple of days, I'm going to assume that was it, and move on to installing the wireless network connection. Once that's working it's time to continue with the recorder assembly and checkout. Oh yeah, I also want to find time to practice material.

      Practice last Saturday was the most fun I can remember having with this band yet. Doc has got a great ear for harmonies, and Lukas sounds like he's been with us from the begining. The whiskey's good too.


      Stay tuned,


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