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Rick's Rap   - December 2003


      Well, I'm takin' a little time to do some general housekeeping on the web site.

      At my wife's suggestion, I added a return home button to this page.

      When I first set up the "send us a message" link, all I got was prank mails from my friends, and assorted other spam. After about a year online, I've started to get some bona fide messages. A couple of them have led to posting new entries on the links page, The On The Bus Band, and Banjer Dan. Check 'em out. While I was at it, I neatened up the code just a tad.

      When we first started this venture we had virtually nothing ready to take on the road, so I organized the tunes page into lists of Grateful Dead - In the Works, Grateful Dead - Ready to Play, Other - In the Works, and Other - Ready to Play. Now most of our material is in the On the Road Play List, which is sortable by title, original artist, or RCB vocalist, so I've dropped the separate Ready to Play lists.

      12/13/03 - Dead Gig #7

      J.J. Muldoon's Restaurant & Saloon - Gaithersburg, MD

Set 1         Set 2         Set 3         Set 4
Beat It On Down The Line
Truck Drivin' Man
Peaceful Easy Feelin'
Eyes Of The World
Jack Straw
Tribute To Elmore (Dust My Broom)
The Way You Do The Things You Do
Around & Around
        Johnny B. Goode
Don't Ease Me In
Good Lovin'
Kansas City
Big River
U.S. Blues
        Franklin's Tower
It's All Over Now
Suzie Q
Not Fade Away
/ I Know You Rider
Big Railroad Blues
Dark Hollow
        Must Have Been The Roses
Take It Easy
Next Time You See Me
Iko Iko

One More Saturday Night

      Barb took a few snapshots, but she's getting ready to take off for PA for a week, so she's too busy to post them. I went ahead and posted them, and as a consequence there's no cute captions on the thumbs. When she gets back she may add some. Then again, maybe not.

      Well this place is almost exactly what we've been looking for:

      The only minor quibble we had was that although the crowd was appreciative and enthusiastic, there just weren't enough of them. They liked us, the staff liked us, and the manager liked us. I'm guessing that if we don't get asked back, it'll be because we're just not bringing in enough people. The manager said that the crowd was lighter than the historic walk-in traffic.

      Some of this can probably be attributed to the weather, and the season, but I think that a large factor is the recent Montgomery County smoking ban. There was a propane heater, benches, and ashtrays set up outside, but it was damp and cold, and you can still smoke indoors at the bar everywhere in Gaithersburg, which is just a hop, skip, and a jump up the road.

      Sigh. I'm thinkin' sooner or later we're going to start catching a break (although, given who we are, there's more than a small chance we'll fumble it).


... 2 Clubs, we just need 2 Clubs ...


      Stay tuned,


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