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Rick's Rap   - July 2003


      Well the Carvin PA showed up and I checked with Lukas and Bob and we set up the first Acoustic Trio practice for August 9. After giving the matter a little more thought (always a painful process), I've decided against using the Bose for monitor speakers. The concept here is that I want a sytem that is as small and light (and cheap) as possible, and still adequate to do the job. I've started searching the web for an appropriate set of monitor speakers and amp.

      I ordered the internal snakes for full up 16 channel capability on the multitrack recorder assembly. Turned out only one was in stock, and the other was back ordered. The 16 channel mixer for the recorder setup is still not in stock. I want to tell you, being as cheap as I am is really inconvenient sometimes.


      Eric called and said that the guitar player for his other band, Crossfire (or as I like to think of them, The Main Lounge Lizards) is quitting, and I said I would cover for him until he could find a replacement. For now at least, I've added a listing of their performance dates to the Scheduled Events Link.

      07/26/03 - Our Second (Mostly) Dead Gig

      The Star Diner

Set 1         Set 2         Set 3
Round & Round
Franklin's Tower
Stormy Monday
Promised Land
Already Gone
The Way U Do the Things
U.S. Blues
    Big Boss Man
Peaceful Easy Feeliní
Jack Straw
It Hurts Me Too
Johnny B. Goode
Not Fade Away
    / I Know You Rider
    / G.D.T.R.F.B.
    Its All Over Now
Iko Iko
Witchy Woman
Brown Eyed Girl
Take It Easy
Next Time U See Me
Suzy Q
1 More Saturday Night

    The Race Is On

      The gig was 7 - 10, and we showed up at 4:30 to give ourselves plenty of time. The afternoon was hot and humid and we set up on a concrete pad with no shade. Even though we took our time setting up, we managed to work up a pretty good sweat. The good news is we had plenty of time to work slowly and steadily, and be really careful. Eric did a surperlative job setting up the PA, and we had a great sound mix, with no surprises - kudos Eric.

      We were all set up and ready to go about an hour before show time. Right about then the sky got just cloudy enough to keep the sun from being beastly, and a gentle, cool, breeze came along and took the edge off the heat and humidity. Just about this time, the bar opened up, and those of us with a mind to, had a cold brew or two.

      After a quick reminder from the manager that he didn't want us to play any slow songs, we started right on time. The crowd seemed to be familiar with the material, and they were definitly enjoying it. We, of course, loved that. It has been, and remains, our conviction that there are lots of deadheads in this area, and it's our mission to find, and connect with, each and every one of them.

      Barb showed up during the 2nd set, and took a number of pictures. As soon as I get a chance I'll post them.


      Stay tuned,


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