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Rick's Rap   - November 2003


      Doc emailed me his bio and I posted it. What a nifty bacground, no wonder he's such a good drummer.

      I added a link to a listing of clubs with regular open mic nights to the Acoustic Trio page.


      Lukas couldn't make acoustic practice. Bob and I went over the previous material and added Mississippi Half Step in the key of G.


      At Eric's request, I added our play list, and playable links to our demo tunes, to the main booking page. Barb designed the graphics, and I punched in the cgi code.

      Barb and I went to the State Theater to see the Dark Star Orchestra. Damn they're good. I had to keep reminding my self "...they're not the Dead, they're not the Dead..." They started at 9:00 and finished at about 1:45. I've just got to be getting too old to keep doin' this on a week night.

      11/21/03 - (Somewhat) Dead Gig #6

      The Outta The Way Cafe, Derwood MD

Set 1         Set 2         Set 3
Truck Drivin' Man
Peaceful Easy Feelin'
The Way You Do The Things You Do
Bad Moon Risin'
Dark Hollow
Already Gone
Kansas City
Mama Tried
Stormy Monday
        Big Boss Man
Brown Eyed Girl
Next Time You See Me
Take It Easy
Wonderful Tonight
Suzie Q
The Race Is On
Trashy Women
Good Lovin'
Tequila Sunrise
        It's All Over Now
Iko Iko
You Win Again
Eyes Of The World
Don't Ease Me In
Must Have Been The Roses

      Well, well, well, boys and girls. We knew that concentrating on Grateful Dead material seemed to be losing us the dinner crowd at the Outta The Way Cafe, so for the first two sets I structured the tune selections to emphasize our more conventional material. To some extent it seemed to work. We pretty consistently got some applause, a few people got up and danced, and some guy bought the band a round of drinks. Overall, however, not enough people stuck around. They let us go early (again), and we won't be coming back, at least not any time soon.

      This was our third time here, and while we did better this time than we did the previous two, it's clear that we haven't been a good fit for this venue. Barb and I were here for dinner a week or so ago on a Friday, and the place was packed. There were two good sized office parties there, that were definitely in the mood for some serious partying. It would be pretty easy to say that we just never caught a break and walked into a situation like that. While that's true, it's also true that with the exception of a few friends, we never brought in a sizeable number of people who showed up just to hear the band. Clearly, that's what the club was expecting us to do (and reasonably so).

      We were pretty disappointed, and in our typical elderly mature fashion, we reacted by getting pissed off at each other, a phenominom that Lukas (the youngest ... by far... , and, oddly enough, the calmest member of the band) refers to as "Band Bitching".

      Oh well.


      Stay tuned,


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