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Rick's Rap   - February 2004

      02/07/04 - Dead Gig #11

      Golden Sports Bar & Grill, Ellicott City, MD

Set 1         Set 2         Set 3         Set 4
Beat It On Down The Line
Truck Drivin' Man
Take It Easy
Iko Iko
U.S. Blues
        Brown Eyed Girl
Must Have Been The Roses
Johnny B. Goode
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Peaceful Easy Feelin'
Eyes Of The World
Jack Straw
Around & Around
        Tequila Sunrise
Alabama Getaway
Friend of the Devil
Big Boss Man
Franklins Tower
Good Lovin'
Witchy Woman
Suzie Q
        Promised Land
It Hurt's Me Too
Mama Tried
Don't Ease Me In
Next Time You See Me
It's All Over Now
Already Gone

      Nice place. A friend of mine, that has come to see us a few times now, said this was the best sound mix ever. Kudos Eric. Despite what seems to have become the usual brain farts, the quality and consistency of our performance has apparently gotten to be quite adequate. We're still flirting with magic moments. Buffalo Billiards and JJ Muldoons have definitely been our peak performances so far, but this was solid, even if it was a bit shy of what we're aiming for. Sooner or later ...

      We brought a fair number of friends to the gig, which made for a respectable crowd at the beginning of the evening. Most of our friends left after the 2nd set, and most of the regulars left after the 3rd set. We played the 4th set to an audience of 4, counting Barb and the barmaid. Once again, people into the Dead liked us, everyone else was pretty much ho hum. As of yet, we haven't been able to get ahold of the manager to confirm any repeat engagements - sounds familiar, eh?

      02/14/04 - Demo Recording

      After setting up the equipment, and prior to recording, I mentioned that Barb has been checking into prospects of booking the band. I said that I believe we should take whatever she can find on a Friday or Saturday, where ever she can find it, for whatever they're paying, in a attempt to start building up a following. Since Doc doesn't work Fridays, I said for Friday bookings let's use a sub, and if Crossfire is playing, let's go out as a 4 piece.

      After a few moments of silence, Doc said he was giving us 2 months notice that he was leaving the band. He added that the material we're doing is driving people out of the places we've been playing.

      Eric said that the problem is our set lists. If we want to hold on to enough people for the management to ask us back, we've got to front load the sets with material they want to hear.

      Lukas said that sounds likely, but if we play standard bar band material just to asked back, we'll get asked back to play more standard bar band material.

      Bob said we need a female vocalist.

      We left it that I would see if I could come up with a drummer, and if not we'll advertise for one. Eric will make up the set lists for our next (and so far final) gig at Brady's, and when he email's them to me I'll post them.

      The actual recording went reasonably well. We laid down abreviated tracks for Franklin's Tower, Not Fade Away, U.S. Blues, Deal, Next Time You See Me, and Peaceful Easy Feeling. When Eric masters them I'll post them as replacements for what we've got on the web site now, and I presume Barb will use them as part of the promo package.


      Stay tuned,


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