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Rick's Rap   - May 2004



Happy Birthday Rock Creek Band

    It's been a year this month, since the new and improved Rock Creek Band has been

on the road again

after a 20 some odd year vacation.

      Lukas got a call from a friend of his, who needed him to sit in this weekend for a gig in Chicago. The deal included transportation ... sweet! We'll slog through tomorrow's reheasal without him.


      Too bad Lukas wasn't there for rehearsal today. We really had some fire goin' on. I think probably a large part of that was due to Bobby obviously feeling inspired and pumped up, and playin' aggressively. I wish I had a clue how to facilitate making that happen on a regular basis.

      Without a doubt, Steve is a big plus for us. He really has a feel for the ebb and flow in the dynamics of what we're going for. Right now I get the feeling that he's holding back a little, while he's getting used to us, but even so he's just nailing it. I feel like we're starting to take a quantum leap in the quality of our sound. It's like when we hooked up with Charles, suddenly we've got a whole band made up of people with a common shared vision of what we're trying to create. Well sort of, anyway. Be still my heart.

      We got through the next 12 tunes in the play list, and took a break. Then we just jammed a bit. We eased into Eyes Of The World. I tried to take it into Jack Straw, but Bob wasn't having any of that, so I tried Not Fade Away, and that wasn't what he wanted either. He was bound and determined to do Ain't It Crazy, despite the fact that we've never done it before, and there's a good chance that we'll never do it again, and there was just no way to move him in any other direction. So we blended into that, and then took that into GDTRFB, and then just faded away.

      We had a mini-discussion wherein Eric said that rather than just keep going over the playlist and learning new tunes, I should make up set lists for our upcoming gig at the Star Diner and we should practice specifically for that. With an extraordinary amount of tact and diplomacy I suggested that was a load of crap, and the best thing we can do is cover all our material at least once, and then get up and play the best we can at the gig, regardless of what the tunes happen to be. Nobody was buying that either, so I'll post the set lists for the Star Diner as soon as I can.


      Posted the set lists for Star Diner - 06/12/04. I haven't done the zipped up big font word docs yet.


      Bob didn't like the set lists so he rewrote them. I didn't like the first 3 tunes back to back so we bickered about it, and I caved. Lukas wasn't crazy about blending Eyes Of The World straight into Jack Straw, so we stuck Big Railroad Blues in the middle.

      I suggested that we just play everything straight through, as if we were at a job, and then just do the stuff we need the most work on next rehearsal. Everybody said yeah, o.k. Then Eric interrupted nearly every song to make suggestions. We got through the first 3 sets, and one song in the 3rd set. We'll have to finish up next time. It's good that I'm such a mellow fellow, otherwise I'd probably be feeling frustrated.

      I had a tough time with the first 3 tunes. They're similar, but not identical, and doing them back to back, I tended to make them all sound alike. I tried working on them at home, but it was just beyond me, so I swapped Pomised Land and Good Lovin'. I hope that doesn't cause any heartburn.


      Stay tuned,


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