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Rick's Rap   - August 2005


      Eric and I have gotten together to go over some of the stuff for this month's gig at Legend Billiards. The entire group is scheduled to get together the evening before the gig. Hey, if you gotta practice a lot before you're comfortable getting out in front of a crowd (hopefully), maybe a jam band shouldn't be your first choice for a hobby.

      Bob and I got together for acoustic rehearsal Monday. We picked a medley of 3 tunes to do at the College Perk open mic night next Tuesday. If Eric is available next Sunday we'll go over them together, otherwise I guess we'll just wing it (once again the jam band hobby thing).


      The open mic at College Perk was fun, check the write up on performance history. We're going to practice at Eric's next Monday, and do it again next Tuesday.

      This Saturday at 11 I'm going over to Eric's and work a bit with a guitarist Eric knows, that he'd like to have sit in with us for the next Legends gig.


      The 11th fell through, the guitarist had a medical problem, so we bagged the get together and decided we'll just do a four piece on the 27th. As far as I know rehearsal is still this Thursday.

      Got together with Bob & Eric this evening to go over more acoustic stuff. After some discussion we decided to limit our unplugged togetherness to once a week. At least for now it's going to be practice one time during a week (tonight was it for this week), and then do the open mic thing at College Perk on Tuesday night of the next two weeks. So just to beat a dead horse, we're not going to College Perk tomorrow, and we will do College Perk next week, and the week after. Lord willing, and the creeks don't rise.


      (mostly Classic Rock) Gig #18

      Legend Billiards Cafe - 8/27/05
Set 1         Set 2         Set 3
1.   Addicted To Love
2.   Key To The Highway
3.   Peaceful Easy Feelin'
4.   Crazy Little Thing
5.   Trashy Women
6.   Dixie Chicken
7.   Takin' Care Of Biz
8.   Stormy Monday
9.   Brown Eyed Girl
10. Johnny B. Goode
        1.   Kansas City
2.   Knockin' On Hvn's Dr
3.   Sweet Home Alabama
4.   Margaritaville
5.   Big River
6.   La Bamba ...
      Good Lovin'
7.   Truck Drivin' Man
8.   Take It Easy
9.   Dust My Broom
10. Blue Suede Medley
        1.   Truckin'
2.   Honky Tonk Woman
3.   Tequila Sunrise
4.   Suzie Q
5.   Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg
6.   Black Magic Woman
7.   Next Time You See Me
8.   Honky Tonk
9.   Boot Scootin Boogie
10. Promised Land
11. Wonderful Tonight

      O.k., first the good news. Our goal was to sound like a typical Classic Rock bar band, and by and large I think we pulled it off. There were some rough edges to some of the tunes, but we worked our way through them as a team, and I don't think there were any problems with the performance that a couple of more gigs wouldn't smooth out. I particularly enjoyed the jam that just came out of nowhere on Dixie Chicken.

      One of the bass players from Special Blend showed up for a couple of sets, and he said we sounded good. They play pretty much the same material, and they work steady. Unfortunely they work almost exclusively way down in southern Maryland.

      Now the bad news. We got fired. Not in the middle of a set or anything, but we had one more job on the books, and that was cancelled. The bar's clientele, what there is of it, is mostly latino, and many of them barely speak english. About the only song we got an enthusiastic response to was Black Magic Woman, and then they were upset that we did the short version. I suspect that coming up with a set list that would work in that room would be a pretty major effort. It would probably involve some guessing, and even if we were able to do it, I don't know that the owner would hire us unless we were able to pack the place for him.

      Since everyone seems to have a pretty full palate in their real lives right now, I'm guessing that unless we just stumble across a gig somewhere, we'll just leave the electric Rock Creek alone for a bit, until things settle out and we have the time and energy as a group to deal with some kind of organized plan.


      Did the College Perk open mic night again. Did a medley of Dust My Broom -> Jack Straw -> Round & Round. Went pretty well. We're still a little tight, but we're starting to loosen up. We got a bunch of positive feedback from the audience, although I don't know if that's due to the quality of our performance, or if we just sounded good compared to what is expected of the usual fare. Eric would like us to start looking for work, but I think I'd like a few more times in front of an audience. Barb came along to check us out. She said my new hollow body jazz box sounds as good as it looks.


      Stay tuned,


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