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Rick's Rap   - July 2005


      At the previous RCB Star Diner gig my amp started breaking down (oddly enough, it sounded really good while it was in the process of croaking), and at the follow up Star Diner gig when I was sitting in with Eric's band, Crossfire, it got to the point where I couldn't get any clean tones at any volume, which gave me a chance to work on my metal riffs.

      I immediately ordered a new Carvin SX100. It showed up in time for me to use it this past Saturday, when I was again sitting in with Crossfire, this time at Legends of Wheaton - where RCB is scheduled to play next Saturday. It sounded really good in clean mode with a hint of reverb. It also has an overdrive mode and a whole raft of effects, none of which I've used yet, nor am I terribly interested in at the moment. It's incredibly light. If I'm just going to play guitar and do some vocals, I could pick up all the equipment I need at the same time, and carry it without a hand truck. Whoah, baby!

      The only possible down side to it that I can see right now, is that it doesn't get really loud. However, it does have a pre-amp output jack, and if I really need more volume, I can probably plug it into the p.a.

      We're planning to rehearse at Erics house this Friday to get ready for Saturday's gig at Legends. On the rehearsal schedule link, I've posted a list of the tunes that, to the best of my recollection, we haven't gone over as a group at least once.

      O.k., on to some technical web stuff. Google and Yahoo are starting to show some hits on "rockcreekband" that include some of our internal pages (where we are right now, folks). A few of our internal pages include lists of links to copyrighted material (all be it, not the officially available commercial versions, but possibly close enough to irritate a corporate or legal stuffed shirt, somewhere). I think I've fixed this, but if you find anything that I've broken in the process, please let me know.


      (mostly) Dead Gig #17

      Legend Billiards Cafe - 6/04/05
Set 1         Set 2         Set 3
1. Kansas City
2. The Way You Do
3. Peaceful Easy Feelin'
4. Eyes Of The World
5. Suzie Q
6. Brown Eyed Girl
7. Jack Straw
8. Around & Around
9. Johnny B. Goode
        1. Key To The Highway
2. Take It Easy
3. Stormy Monday
5. Good Lovin'
6. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
7. Bad Moon Risin'
8. Bertha
9. U.S. Blues
        1. Trashy Women
2. Franklins Tower
3. Honky Tonk
4. Honky Tonk Woman
5. Truckin'
6. Mississippi 1/2 Step
7. Big Railroad Blues
8. Deal - A
9. It's All Over Now
10. Promised Land

      I think this may have been the best we've ever sounded. Too bad the place was pretty empty. We got a lot of complements from the people that were there, and some of them said that if they'd have known what we sounded like, they would have brought friends with them. Oh well.

      I believe that so far we've shown that we can deal with the usual obstructions that confront and confound part time bands, and manage to put out a quality product. For me, the question now is, will we just keep hangin' in there until we catch a break? I suppose time will tell.

      I think Eric said Lisa was going to take some pictures. If I can get some copies, I'll post them.


      After the 2nd set at Legends, Bob announced to most of us that he wasn't having fun, and he wasn't going to keep playing with the band. Apparently he didn't mention this to Eric, because Eric sent me and Bob an email the following monday, with suggestions as to what material changes he thought we should do to keep from getting fired. I replied that probably we should deal with whether Bob was going to be in the band first. Eventually Eric called me to say that Bob hadn't said anything to him. On thursday I called Bob to ask if he would cover the last 2 gigs we had on the books. He said yes, and although he didn't want to stay with Rock Creek, he wanted to continue to develop acoustic peformances, and eventually start gigging as Rock Creek Unplugged.

      If I could have anything I wanted, I'd like to start doing some gigging as a classic rock bar band (working in as many Dead tunes as possible), and build up a following. As long as we're on the topic of what I want, I'd also like to hit the lottery - big would be nice, but just anything would do.

      The gig at the Star Diner last Saturday was cancelled due to the weather. I called the guy that's the boss of Special Blend and told him I was available, and he said come on down and sit in. Check the performance history for a review.


      After talking to Eric about what material he'd like to add, I set about gathering sound bytes, words, and chords. I also went over a couple of Eric's other band's setlists and appropriated some of his classic rock tunes. Then I culled through our Dead material and reassigned the vocals from Bob to either me or Eric. I moved most of the "Grateful Dirge" tunes to storage, in the hopes that eventually we'll be in a position to bring them back. Finally I updated all the appropriate web pages to reflect what we're trying to do now.

      For the moment, we're going to play the last gig as a 4 piece, mostly classic rock, bar band, and hope we can find steady work. At this point I suppose there's not too much point in trying to formulate any future plan that's any more specific.

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