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Rick's Rap   - June 2005


      (mostly) Dead Gig #16

      Star Diner, Gaithersburg, MD - 6/04/05

Set 1         Set 2         Set 3
1. Johnny B. Goode
2. Good Lovin
3. Alabama Getaway
4. Mississippi 1/2 Step
5. Next Time you see me
6. Sugaree
7. Promised Land
8. Big River
9. Around & Around
        1. Iko Iko
2. Franklins Tower
3. Eyes of the world
4. Big Railroad blues
5. Jack Straw
7. Honky Tonk
8. Deal
9. Sugar Magnolia
        1. Bertha
2. Not Fade Away ...
    I Know You Rider ...
    Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad ...
    Not Fade Away
3. Truckin'
4. U.S. Blues
5. Big Boss Man
6. Ripple

      Well, let me start by saying that the good news is Steve and Steve are the best Grateful Dead rhythm section we've ever worked with. And for me, of course, the bad news is Steve and Steve are the best Grateful Dead rhythm section we've ever worked with.

      Due to a lot of factors that don't actually have anything to do with the band, I was having a rough time, in general. I kept getting lost in the interplay between Steve and Steve, and I kept losing track of the one. Fortunately for me, Bob was pretty solid, and I could usually find my way home by blocking everything else out and focusing on him (with the possible exceptions of Sugar Magnolia and Truckin').

      Needless to say, I wasn't feeling terribly good about the performance (mine that is, I thought everybody else was fine), so imagine my surprise when the manager came up to us after the 2nd set and said "You guys are smokin' !!". And then later I read the email from one of the Steve's that asked if we'd noticed the guy that was holding his cell phone up to the band while we were playing. Of course I had no clue.

      I did think that the chick vocalist was a nice touch. I recall that she whined a bit about not knowing what she was doing, but I thought she was a nice addition to the sound.

      Unfortunately Barb wasn't there, so we have no pictures to post.


      Last Sunday me, Bob, and Eric got together for the 2nd time to work on the acoustic trio. We've been working our way through the list of tunes that me and Bob and Lukas had ready to go last summer. We've also added "A Pirate Looks At Forty", "Key To The Highway", and "Willin'". So far that gives us 2 sets that we've hit with a lick and a promise.

      We're planning on getting together again next Sunday, and I think there's a pretty good chance we'll be able to add another set. At that point, I think that rather just proceeding on helter skelter, I'd like to start picking out groups of 3 songs, and polish them up and take them out to an open mic.


      The unplugged trio got together yesterday and finished off the lick and a promise catch up to where we were when we left off last year. Now we've got to see about slogging ahead to move this thing out of the basement.


      Stay tuned,


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