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Rick's Rap   - May 2005


      Well, this past Sunday, 05/01, we got together for our last rehearsal before the Star Diner gigs. Bob didn't want to do Touch Of Gray, so we substituted Honky Tonk. Everybody sounded pretty good except me, for some reason I couldn't seem to make my fingers stop playing bad notes on a regular basis. Maybe it's out of my system now.

      I've updated the set lists appropriately, and posted them.

      As soon as we can agree on mutually acceptable times, Bob, Eric and myself will start working on acoustic numbers.


      Eric just sent around an email saying that Scott couldn't make it for one of his Crossfire gigs at the Star Diner this summer, so he transferred the job to RCB. Way to go, Eric.


      Whoah! The Eric man is definitely a booking maven. He's picked us up 2 more gigs, this time at a place called Legend Billiards & Café in Wheaton. Check the dates link.


      Eric spoke with Marty at the Star Diner, and he doesn't want Rock Creek playing in close sucession, so June 18th is back to being a Crossfire gig.

      On the 22nd we got together with Eric to try out the unplugged thing again. It went pretty well, and we've scheduled another rehearsal on June 19. I've updated the Rock Creek Unplugged page.


      Stay tuned,


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