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Rick's Rap   - October 2005


      Well Bob called last night and just totally wussed out on College Perk for tonight. He said he just wasn't ready to do "Pencil Thin Mustache". So I said "Well, let's just substitute something you are ready for", and he said "No, I really want to do 'Pencil Thin Mustache'". So College Perk is off for tonight, and I guess we'll try again next week.

      Ya' know, I'm thinkin' that at some point we're gonna have to develop a mind set of "just do it and give it our best shot whether we feel ready or not", or this thing is never gonna get off the ground.

      ... Sigh ...


      This past weekend Eric sent an email saying he didn't want to keep playing College Perk, and he wanted to rehease on Monday. So Monday night we got together in his basement and plotted strategy.

      We picked six tunes for a demo. It was decided that it would be best to have the demo recording done by someone other than ourselves, the candidate being Bob's buddy in Lusby. I'm often working with another band on Saturdays, and Eric is keeping Sunday's open to rehease with his wedding band. We asked Bob to see if his buddy is available on the 3rd Saturday in November (11/19/05). Hopefully we'll find out before I get asked if I'm available for a gig on that day. We decided that we'd get together regularly on Monday's to rehearse the demo tunes and also go over the rest of the song list.

      Bob suggested that the two of us could still do College Perk without Eric, and initially I agreed. When I got to thinking about my schedule, however, I figured that committing one day a week to Rock Creek Unplugged might already be a little overly optimistic on my part, and I changed my mind. I'll give it my best shot to work in a night to either practice or perform, but not individual nights to do each during the same week. Bob wanted me to be clear that this time it was me that wussed out.

      Yesterday Eric sent an email saying that he would make basement tapes of our demo rehearsals. Sounds like a fine idea to me. In fact, I suspect that a basement demo might actually be adequate to find work, if it comes right down to it.


      As I feared might happen, last night the boys in Special Blend asked if I was available for a gig on the 19th of November (I gotta tell you, those guys definitely do know how to book). I said I'll check, and figured I'd have to get on the phone and bug Bob to find out about the recording facility availablity. But when I got home, there was an email from Bob saying that the 19th was good to go for recording.


      We got together at Eric's this past Tuesday night. I didn't bring a set of headphones, so Eric couldn't do the recording the way he wanted, and we just recorded the way we sounded live. I thought the recording quality was just fine.

      Eric gave me the cassette tape of the recording to post on the web site. This should have been a no brainer, since I've already recorded a bunch of basement recordings. Unfortunately the cassette player/recorder I have only runs at 2x speed, and Eric recorded on a standard machine. I managed to find a player that runs at standard speed and thought I was home free, but the jacks on the standard machine are different that the ones on my 4 track machine. As soon as I manage to drop by Radio Shack and buy the proper adaptor, I should be able to post the recording.


      So on Saturday I made it to Radio Shack and bought the proper adapter, hooked it up, and started transferring the basement tunes from the cassette to my hard drive. I soon discovered that my cassette player was only working on the right channel. O.k., at this point I'm starting to get irritated. I went on line to price a new cassette deck, and then I remembered my wife has a boom box with a cassette player. Unfortunately that didn't have rca phono line output jacks, so I needed yet another adapter to go from the headphone jack to my sound card. That's right, one more trip to Radio Shack. This time everything worked. I transferred the tapes, compressed them and made mp3 files, and posted them. They're accessible on the Rock Creek Unplugged page.


      Practiced last Monday, made another demo practice tape (check Rock Creek Unplugged). We were originally scheduled to practice again tonight, but Eric pointed out that since this is Holloween, tomorrow night is probably better.


      Stay tuned,


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