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Rick's Rap   - February 2006


      I just posted the tapes from last Monday. Once again, the performances were actually better than I felt they were when we were doing them. The recording levels were hotter than last time, and noise wasn't a problem (except for "Bob's Philosophy of Life", which I pulled out of the noise floor). The overall tone seemed to be a little more muddy than the previous recordings. At this point, I don't suppose it's worth the time it would take during rehearsals to polish the recording mix. Probably the best thing to do at this point is just live with a certain amount of session to session recording quality variance, as long as it's a usable log of what we're doing.


      Well I guess the big news is that we have a gig this year. Marty from the Star Diner sent us an email using the link on this site, and I forwarded to Eric. He called and got us a job on July 1st (weather permitting). Steve & Steve are on board, so I guess it's up to me now to make up some set lists and then we should probably do 1 or 2 rehearsals.

      The Tuesday before last, Rock Creek Unplugged did an open mic at the College Perk. It went pretty well. At the rate we're going it looks like it'll take us about a month and a half to get each set's worth of tunes ready to go (that takes into account an occassional open mic, and the usual scheduling difficulties). I bounced the idea off the guys that maybe when we get 2 sets, we might want to throw a party and invite a few friends over. Between that and the open mic's, when we get enough material for an entire night and we start actively looking for gigs, if one pops up unexpectedly we won't be going into it totally cold.

      I've been listening to the basement tapes, and I think the only glaring deficiency is the harmonies. Actually I think they sound pretty good, but what's happening on some of Bob's tunes is I'm jumping in on the melody, and he's dropping back into the harmony. I'd like to work on that.


      The guys came by for practice last night. Some of our personal lives are in a bit of a turmoil at the moment, however we tuned up and slogged on. My feeling is that things sounded pretty good. I've learned that my initial impressions are sometimes way off the mark, however, so I'm anxious to hear the tapes. I'll try to get them posted by tomorrow.

      In any event, we now have one set ready to go.


      Posted the tapes from Monday. Fair amount of brain farts in the performances, but the basic arrangement quality is definitely there. At least Bob didn't have to do his own harmonies on Mama Tried.

      I seemed to have beaten the tape noise problem that's been bugging me for the last couple of sessions. Hope that's repeatable.


      Stay tuned,


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