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Rick's Rap   - June 2006

      General Summary Of The Month

      Well, we continued with the taping and on or about the 13th we laid down tracks for

1.  Big Railroad Blues
2.  Knockin' On Heaven's Door
3.  Evangeline
4.  Dire Wolf
5.  Don't Ease Me In
6.  Jack Straw
7.  Shake A Hand

      We tried using a click track to keep our tempo constant, but we had a really hard time with keeping track of the one. I tried to overdub lead guitar tracks, and I was able to get barely usable versions on some of the tunes, but for a couple of them, the rythmn phase drifted so much that there was just no way to salvage anything even marginally usable.

      Joe couldn't make it over the next week, but Bob did, and we worked diligently on the problem. It looks like the bare minimum initial session result has to be a good rythmn guitar track, with a clean vocal track, and then we should be able to dub adequately. In order to do this, we apparently have to forget about using the click track, and just live with the overall speed drift.

      The learning curve on making decent tapes appears to be a little bigger than we originally anticipated, but we seem to be making steady progress.


      Stay tuned,


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