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Rick's Rap   - January 2007


      Well as I mentioned back in August, I went up to Bob's with the multi-track recorder and we laid down a bunch of scratch tracks, and a few finished tracks. The plan was I'd redo the lead guitar tracks and my vocal tracks as necessary, and then get together with Joe to add the bass tracks. Then I'd haul the stuff back up to Bob's and we'd do whatever harmonies we could come up with. Then I'd do the final mix's, and post them.

      The idea behind all this was to aleviate the hassle of scheduling a recording session where we all got together, and then at least one of us spent most of the time sitting around waiting for the others to get their overdubs down. This turned out to be one of those ideas that sounds good when you say it, but has some serious flaws in actual practice. The biggest one is it turns out to be easier to schedule a session, and then work other activites around it, than to work recording in around other activities.

      Suffice it to say that nothing further got done on the recording project until December. By that time:

      What we came up with to get us moving again is:


      Updated the 2006 performance history, and my miscellaneous pickup gigs performance schedule.




      Did the practice thing at Bob's again last Sunday. Sometimes getting a decent take on some particular tune is just like pulling teeth, long, slow, and painful. Whenever we have one that we just can't seem to get a handle on, the cure always seems to be the same. Just keep making it simpler until it finally sounds o.k.


      Went out with some friends Friday night, had a gig with Special Blend Saturday night, went to Bob's for rehearsal Sunday afternoon, and went to Fido's for dinner Sunday evening. Busy weekend. It snowed while I was at Bob's, which made the drive back kind of scenic (except for a couple of nuts-oh drivers I had to deal with on the way).


      Stay tuned,


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