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Rick's Rap   - November 2009

Saturday, 11/14/09
Westminster Station     (directions)

250 Englar Rd
Westminster, MD 21157
(410) 857 - 2944
9:90 - 11:00

Set 1   Set 2
1     New Speedway Boogie
2     Take It Easy
3     Beat It On Down The Line
4     How Blue?
5     A Simple Twist Of Fate
6     Peaceful Easy Feeling
7     Iko Iko / Women Are Smarter
8     Dust My Broom
9     Knockin' On Heaven's Door
10     That's All Right Lil' Mama
1     Fenereo
2     Kansas City
3     Me & My Uncle
4     Evangeline
5     Mississippi 1/2 Step
-> Deal
6     Dire Wolf
7     Key To THe Highway
8     Deep Elem Blues

Bid You Goodnight
Big Railroad Blues
Casey Jones
Hesitation Blues
Don't Ease Me In
Honky Tonk
How Long
  Natural Born Easement
Pencil Thin Mustache
Promised Land
That'll Be The Day
Truck Drivin' Man
Sugar Magnolia
Bring It On Home


      I was in the throw's of a nasty cold/upper respiratory infection and my voice was in pretty bad shape. I called Bob early and asked if he wanted to cancel, but he said "Naw, let's give it our best shot." and I said "O.k."

      Once we got started it was apparent that I couldn't do any harmony at all, and for the upper parts of the vocals I couldn't sustain any notes, and there were a lot I couldn't hit at all. I did a lot of whispering, talking, and growling to compensate. By the end of the 2nd set I was on the verge of losing my voice entirely. As a matter of fact by the next morning my voice was entirely gone and I couldn't do anything but whisper. A nice break for my family.

      Early on, Bob was holding himself back for some reason. On 'A Simple Twist Of Fate' he was so low that no matter how quietly Donn and I played, his vocals were pretty much inaudible. As the evening progressed he just kept getting stronger, and by the end he was just wailin' out.

      Donn played very well and Matt did a great job at the sound board.

      I figured we did o.k., all things considered, but when the manager was paying us she said "You guys were awesome tonight. You were just f**king AWESOME!!". Go figure.


      After the gig Donn took his gear home instead of dropping it off at Bob's. My voice was feeling pretty bad, so we agreed to skip Monday's practice, and get together on Wednesday. On Wednesday morning Donn sent me and Bob an email saying he quit.

      I went over to Bob's at the usual time, and he was pretty upset. We agreed that we wanted to find another bass player. Bob said he'd put up an ad at Coffey's Music, and I'd talk to the bass player with the blues band I'm in and see if he was interested. Then we sat around and drank and listened to the lastest demo mastering.


      I spoke with the blues band bassist, and he's interested so we'll schedule a tryout after the holiday. Bob didn't get any response yet from the music store bulletin board, but he mentioned that Candy at Westminster Sation said she played bass. He's going to contact her, and if she's interested we'll schedule an audition for her.

      After some disagreement amongst ourselves, we eventually agreed to go with what ever we can find that we think will be adequate, and then re-evaluate later. If nothing looks like it's going to work out, then we'll continue as a duo for the present while we're trying to hook up with some sort of local music scene, so that we're not just making plans in a vacuum.

      The feedback processor that I had on order finally showed up and we tried it out. It seems to work just fine, so now our only unresolved equipment question is if the compact bose system will handle a bass being run through it.

      We picked our next four songs, and I made up a 4 set setlist, one new song buried in the middle of each set.


      Stay tuned,


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