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Rick's Rap   - June 2010

Saturday, 06/05/10
Camp Letts - Company Picnic     (directions)

4003 Camp Letts Rd
Edgewater, MD 21037-3711
(410) 919-1400
12:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Set 1   Set 2   Set 3
1     Casey Jones
2     Peaceful Easy Feeling
3     Natural Born Easement
4     Deep Elem Blues
5     How Long
6     Think
7     Dark Hollow
8     Dust My Broom
9     Fenereo
10     Kansas City
1     Big Railroad Blues
2     Knockin' On Heaven's Door
3     How Blue?
4     Me & My Uncle
5     Pencil Thin Mustache
6     Dire Wolf
7     Evangeline
8     Beat It On Down The Line
9     Bring It On Home
10     Mississippi 1/2 Step
-> Cassidy
1     Key To THe Highway
2     New Speedway Boogie

That'll Be The Day
Tequila Sunrise
Take It Easy
A Simple Twist Of Fate
  Truck Drivin' Man
Must Have Been The Roses
Glendale Train
Sugar Magnolia
Don't Ease Me In
Iko Iko / Women Smarter
  Promised Land
Hesitation Blues
That's All Right Lil' Mama
Honky Tonk
Bid You Goodnight

      Cowboy got there first and scoped out the setup. We were scheduled to play on the deck by the boat house, no shade at all, and at 11:00 it was already way hot and way muggy. Barb was bringing a portable awning, but the deck was already pre-heated and we were still going to be pretty miserable. When Bob showed up he checked with some folks and they said we could set up in the shaded area where the picnic tables were.

      Cowboy brought power cords and outlet strips. I brought my new mixer, new feedback squelcher, and the Bose L1. Bob brought mics, chairs, and the Bose L1 compact, and we set up a monitor and main configuration. Everything worked out well except my new feedback squelcher, which was D.O.A. Fortunately, since we were outdoors, feedback from the main speakers wasn't really a problem. Unfortunately I'm going to have to ship the unit back to Florida to get it repaired before we need to use the same setup indoors.

      After we ran the sound check, Barb said "Don't touch anything, the sound is perfect." Fortunately I had brought some rugs to set the main speakers on, and the only technical problem we had was Bob's chair kept sinking into the sand, until eventually he was looking up into his mic.

      Barb set up her video recorder and recorded the first two sets. Eventually I'm going to get around to posting them.

      The performance went pretty well. We had a few brain farts in the beginning, but we covered them up reasonably well, and as we kept playing we loosed up and started to sound pretty good. The crowd liked us, and during the first break someone asked Bob if we'd be available to do another private party later this month.

      Most of the people left around 4:00, when the weather started to look like precipitation was immenent. We played a couple more tunes and then packed up to avoid any chance of getting caught with the equipment out in the rain. I figure things went o.k., because they not only paid us, they gave us a nice little tip while we were packing up.


      Barb and I went to Hershey's for dinner and ran into Joe & Bob. Bob said he would email me today with a date in July. He also said Terry, from the Dogfish Head Ale Inn, liked our demo. I'll have to follow up on that.

      I checked with Joe to verify that if we can come back for open mic night, it'll be cool to bring our own p.a.


      Picked up unplugged gigs at Applebee's Neighborhood Grill in Westminster (directions) on July 1st, and Hershey's Restaurant   (directions) in Washington Grove on July 24th. Posted them.

      Posted the videos Barb took of Saturday's gig. Barb suggested post some of them on YouTube. As soon as I can figure out how I'll give it a shot.


      Last night the Freestate Houserockers played at Chapala's Restaurant in Burtonsville, where we opened for another band called Too Big To Fail.

      Fortunately everyone got there on time. We set up around Too Big To Fail's equipment and started right on time. We played for an hour and a half, and everything sounded good. Angel (the owner) said to give him a call about booking a regular gig during the first week in August.


      Tonight the Houserockers opened at Dad's Pub in Rockville, for a band called The Disciples Of Sabbath (oddly enough - a Black Sabbath tribute band). A bunch of people showed up to see us and they said they really enjoyed the show.

      Barb video'd our performance. I finally got around to figuring out how to extract the individual videos from the stream, and I posted the ones from this show and from the Rock Creek Unplugged show at Camp Letts on YouTube. Just go to and search for "rock creek unplugged" or "freestate houserockers".

      I found out a couple of days after the show that the leader of The Disciples Of Sabbath is T.J. Murphy, who used to be in The Next Step, and one of the guitar players (whose name I can't remember) used to be in Crazy Fingers. ... small world ...


      The Free State House Rockers opened for   Light Fuse Get Away, at Bangkok Blues  (directions). We played well, but we probably didn't draw enough people to get asked back. Most of our friends are on the north side of the beltway, and wanting them to brave Friday afternoon rush hour traffic to get to northern Va. is probably asking a lot.

      Cowboy busted a string on his bass. First time I've ever seen that happen to anyone.


      Stay tuned,


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