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Rick's Rap   - September 2010


      Since the last gig we've been learning new material. So far we've added:

Tomorrow we're going to try them out at Hershey's.


      The open mic at Hershey's was good. The new material went over really well.


      Bob had a family emergency and we had to cancel the Applebee's gig, but he booked another on for a Saturday night in November 23rd.

      As luck would have it, the Houserockers picked up a gig for this night at the Surf Club in Bladensburg. The performance schedule was we would do the first set, Johnny and the Stingrays would do the second set, then we would go back on and finish the night.

      We got there early, set up, and did the sound check. When Johnny and crew showed up they decided that they didn't want to have to set up their gear just before they played, so they set up their instruments and amps on stage (sitting on top of our cables), and we had to play around them. During our set they kept coming up to the stage with instructions on how they wanted the p.a. set. After our first set they decided they didn't want to work around our stuff so we took it off stage and stacked it in piles. Of course we couldn't get our cables off the stage because their stuff was sitting on top of them. When they started to play, one of them shouted to me that he wanted the p.a. re-adjusted. I walked up to the stage and suggested they go over to the board and adjust to their liking.

      By the time they started to play, I was so mad I was pissing, moaning, and bitching like at little girl. It's been years since I've been so pissed off. Later I apologized to everyone in the band because I acted like such a complete ass. I haven't been that angry in literally years.

      Despite all that we played really well, got a good audience response, and good tips. During our second set we were just smokin' hot. Paul, in particular, was just on fire with his guitar leads.


      Stay tuned,


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